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Digital kompetanse faller ikke ned fra himmelen

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Digital kompetanse må tilegnes, den er ikke medfødt og kommer heller ikke dalende fra himmelen. Ennå er det mange tusener i Norden som ikke er i stand til å bruke datamaskin, nettbrett eller smartelefon. Men det haster med å lære seg.


Mobilt lärande

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Mobile LearningMobile learning provides the opportunity for students to learn in a variety of contexts when they are motivated to learn, not only at daytime and in the school environment. This is essential for adults and their possibilities to study and learn. Therefore, NVL-DISTANC activated in the issue to collect and show good examples of mobile learning.Within this framework the DISTANS-network organized a webinar with Jennifer Parker, who described the process of using mobile technology to


Nám er félagslegt

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Learning is socialWhen we learn something new, or want to add to our knowledge and skills we often chose to do so with other people. Somehow learning with others is more exciting, interesting and often even deeper. The DISTANS network has regularly returned to this theme in its conferences and webinars. We have learned some very interesting things about how to make learning social through the use of various social media.Check out some of our results here:  Webinars on social media and


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