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Local democracyDigitilization of our societies has influenced citizens in many ways. One claim is that we are alienated, because the communication between us as citizens and our institutions is through impersonal digital platforms.On the other hand those very same digital tools can provide us with means of communication and make it possible for us to influence decision making.Local democracy provides citizens access to information, decision-making and power to influence public choices. Local


Avoin demokratia edellyttää läpinäkyvyyttä, osallisuutta ja yhteistyötä

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Open democracy requires transparency, participation and collaborationIt is maybe a cliché to repeat Bob Dilans words: "The times they are a' changing", but this is still a common experience we meet in our interactions with our fellow travellers. And somehow many claim that society is changing ever faster through an incredible pace in technological development.The ways in which we organize our common lives in society in the Nordic area has been guided by ideals of democracy, equality and liberty.


Digital competence and democracy

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Digital competence has become a key competence in our daily life in the Nordic countries. And it is more than that. Digital competence can open roads to more democracy and makes new arenas for active citizenship. In a Nordplus project, Dldact, we have selected many good examples of how people in different countries have taken opportunities of digital tools to involve people in social activities and democratic processes. It is amazing how digital competence generates active citizenship.


Hyvä kasvaa Järvenpäässä

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Marja Nousiainen, one of the founders and activists in the movement tells us on the video how they are using free online tools to organize the action, inspire the participants and make their work more visible to the authorities and fellow citizens. She says that using the new technology is not a question of age but a question of will. When people see how the online applications make active citizens’ lives easier, they are willing to learn to use them.



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There’s a new law in Finland according to which a citizens’ proposal can be submitted to and has to be processed in Parliament if it has at least 50,000 supporters i.e. signatures. Open ministry (Avoin ministeriö in Finnish) provides an online platform to help the campaign and collect signatures to support the idea.


Webtjeneste for økt lokaldemokrati

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Personene bak webtjenesten DemocracyOS i Argentina forteller nå verden om hvordan de kan utvikle demokratiet ved hjelp av nettet. En av initiativtakerne, Pia Mancini, delte sine erfaringer på et nordisk webinar nylig, arrangert av DISTANS-nettverket i NVL og Nordplus-prosjektet Dldact.


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