Släpp loss lusten att lära!

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Erfarenheterna från olika delar av utbildningssystemet har fått mig att fundera på hur samhällets olika utbildningsstrukturer skulle kunna inspireras av varandra för   att stödja det livslånga lärandet som alla säger sig eftersträva.


Future learning

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Ville Venäläinen Introduced us to future studies and questions conserning the meaning of the rapid inevitable changes in technlogy where machines learn, augment and even enhance our possibilities.Ville was the presenter during DISTANS' webinar on November 25th 2015Watch a recording of the webinar here What does that mean for us who work as adult educators?Ville works as a development manager at Otava High School and is currently working on his dissertation on the future of generic machine


Distans retrospective after 10 years

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For ten years - since December 2010 - the DISTANS network has been finding ways to support adult educators to enhance their teaching with new technologies. We started off with a large conference on Workplace learning in Copenhagen in the spring of 2006


Skaber uddannelse udviklingen i udkantsområderne?

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Does Education suppot rural development?The Internet has made the world flatter ( at least according to Thomas Friedman) and distances have in some cases become relative. But still our Nordic societies struggloe to keep the settlements and villages at the periphery alive and prospering.For two years DISTANS travelled around the outskirts of the Nordic countries to find out the impact of Education on the development of rural society:Check out the results of the project Here you will find


Digital kompetanse faller ikke ned fra himmelen

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Digital kompetanse må tilegnes, den er ikke medfødt og kommer heller ikke dalende fra himmelen. Ennå er det mange tusener i Norden som ikke er i stand til å bruke datamaskin, nettbrett eller smartelefon. Men det haster med å lære seg.


Webbinarier - en arena för aktivt lärande?

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Webinars for interactive and collaborative learningNVL Distans has been active in this Nordplus project (2014-2016) which is exploring how to create online events which foster learning, interaction, collaboration and networking, especially in and through larger groups. The project is helping a number of Nordic organisations (both public and private sector) to build case studies in the effective use of webinars.Read more at:  Register here to get an


Mobilt lärande

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Mobile LearningMobile learning provides the opportunity for students to learn in a variety of contexts when they are motivated to learn, not only at daytime and in the school environment. This is essential for adults and their possibilities to study and learn. Therefore, NVL-DISTANC activated in the issue to collect and show good examples of mobile learning.Within this framework the DISTANS-network organized a webinar with Jennifer Parker, who described the process of using mobile technology to


Nám er félagslegt

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Learning is socialWhen we learn something new, or want to add to our knowledge and skills we often chose to do so with other people. Somehow learning with others is more exciting, interesting and often even deeper. The DISTANS network has regularly returned to this theme in its conferences and webinars. We have learned some very interesting things about how to make learning social through the use of various social media.Check out some of our results here:  Webinars on social media and


Staðarbundið fólkaræði

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Local democracyDigitilization of our societies has influenced citizens in many ways. One claim is that we are alienated, because the communication between us as citizens and our institutions is through impersonal digital platforms.On the other hand those very same digital tools can provide us with means of communication and make it possible for us to influence decision making.Local democracy provides citizens access to information, decision-making and power to influence public choices. Local


Siunissami qanoq ililluni ilinniarusuppit?

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"How would you like to learn in the future?" No matter where in the world you are, learning should be accessible and possible. NVL-DISTANS is exploring the future opportunities in mobile learning, videoconferencing, MOOCs, social media, flipped learning and other innovative methods and tools.  Follow DISTANS' work next semester to get updates and paticipate in webinars and even conferences or symposia.    Register here to get an email update on DISTANS' webniars and other events         


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