Voice of users - Promoting quality of guidance for adults in the Nordic countries

Published by Nordic network of adult learning (NVL) 2011.
by Guðbjörg Vilhjálmsdóttir, Andrea G. Dofradóttir & Guðrún Birna Kjartansdóttir

Guidance for adults has been gaining ground within the lifelong learning sector in the Nordic countries. These services have grown out of public policy that in turn is responding to an increasing demand for a lifelong and individualised educational and vocational guidance of adults.
Adult guidance is also meant to be proactive in enhancing new skills within lifelong learning schemes. This present evaluative
research, titled Voice of users – promoting quality of guidance for adults in the Nordic countries, examines both the value of adult guidance to its users and their involvement in developing and organising guidance services in adult education.

FinanciaL support was provided by the Nordic Council of Ministers through the strategic funding of the advisory Group for adult Learning (SVL) and the Nordic network of adult learning (NVL).

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Aspekter på arbetslivskompetens i nordisk vägledning

Aspects on Working Life Competences in Nordic Counselling (pub. 2009)
Rapporten är ett resultat av NVL:s vägledningsnätverks samlade kunskaper, erfarenheter och reflektioner.
Rapporten är ämnad att lyfta fram och belysa vägledarens arbetslivskunskap i vägledning för vuxna samt sammanställd, utarbetad och redigerad av Vägledningsnätverket inom det Nordiska Nätverket för Vuxnas Lärande, NVL, i samarbete med koordinatorn för nätverket.
Nätverkets arbete finansieras av Nordiska Ministerrådet genom NVL:s strategiska medel.

A report based on the joint knowledge, experience and reflections of NVL’s Counselling and Guidance Network.
The report is aimed at elucidating and describing the counsellors’ knowledge of working life in adult guidance and is put together and edited by the Counselling and Guidance Network within the Nordic Network for Adult Learning, NVL, in cooperation with the coordinator for the network.
The work was financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers through strategic means of NVL.

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Expected outputs/outcomes of guidance services for adults in the Nordic countries

Published in 2009
© Tekes, Markus Sommers
© Tekes, Markus Sommers
This study is an initiative launched by a Nordic network (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) on effectiveness and quality in guidance for adults funded by the NVL (Nordisk nätverk för vuxnas lärande) strategic means from the Nordic Council of Ministers.
The project has been implemented in partnership with parallel Nordic bodies and experts. This report covers the first part of the long term strategy in promoting evidence-based practice and policy development.

All documents are in pdf format.

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