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Conference "Grundtvig, a decade of European innovation in adult learning"

(2010-01-26 till 2010-01-28)

Plats: Brussels - Management Centre Europe

The conference will bring together experts in the field of adult learning, European, national, regional and local policy-makers, representatives of successful Grundtvig projects as well as any individual or organisation interested in the field. It wi...
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Lifelong Learning and Wellbeing - 12th International LLinE Conference

(2010-01-27 till 2010-01-29)

Plats: Tuusula, Finland

Conference themes include:
Mental and physical wellbeing and learning
Education and wellbeing
Wellbeing at work
Wellbeing across Europe
Conceptions of wellbeing and learning across generations

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“Competence development among adult educators”

(2010-03-01 till 2010-03-02)

Plats: Malmö University, School of Education, Nordenskiöldsgatan 10, Malmö, Sweden

The aim of this conference is to encourage the discussion about the professionalisation of adult educators at a Nordic level, and at the same time create a mutual inspiring meeting between Nordic and European ideas in this field. The conference will ...
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Programme (pdf)

The Effects of Globalisation on Lifelong Learning and Adult Education - Workshop

(2010-03-01 till 2010-03-01)

Plats: Essen, Germany

Aims of the workshop:

To become more familiar with the connections between the impacts of globalisation and lifelong learning needs. After the workshop the participants will be more aware of those connections and are able to apply novel knowledge ...
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Expert Seminar about Validation

(2010-03-03 till 2010-03-04)

Plats: DBI-BYEN, Copenhagen

NVL and Danish Education Ministry invites to a Seminar specially for a number of politiciens, stakeholders, scientists etc. The seminar is only open for specially invited persons. The seminar will focus on possibilities, perspectives and challenges i...
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Learning in Later Life

(2010-05-05 till 2010-05-09)

Plats: Larnaka, Cyprus

In the context of an ageing society young and old are more and more faced with new learning needs of older adults and vice versa. Older adults- even if they are not willing to learn-are forced to cope with the changes of modern life to keep social co...
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39th EUCEN conference: Lifelong Learning for the New Decade

(2010-05-27 till 2010-05-29)

Plats: Rovaniemi, Finland

The EUCEN 2010 organising committee welcomes proposals for workshops
which present innovative and creative ideas and approaches in lifelong
learning under the following themes:
* Lifelong learning, universities and socio-economic approaches (e.g...
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Europe in Berlin - Course for European teachers, trainers and staff of school and adult education

(2010-06-06 till 2010-06-12)

Plats: Berlin

Main objectives:
* To reflect on our identity / identities as citizens of Europe
* To increase our knowledge about Europe
* To experience and reflect diversity / intercultural aspects in Europe
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Senior Adult Educators – Recognising their competences

(2010-09-20 till 2010-09-20)

Plats: Bonn

The aim of the conference is to raise awareness on the existence of a validation instrument that gives adequate recognition of senior adult educators’ skills and competences and that could be used to gain modular credit at Masters level in the higher...
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ICERI 2010

(2010-11-15 till 2010-11-17)

Plats: Madrid, Spain

We inform you that ICERI2010 (International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation) will be held in Madrid (Spain), next 15th, 16th and 17th of November 2010.
This third annual event brings together professionals in the field of Education ...
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The integration of non-formal adult learning in National Qualification Frameworks (NQFs)

(2010-11-25 till 2010-11-26)

Plats: Brussels, Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre

The EAEA / NVL Conference 2010 will start at 1 pm on 25 November and end at 4 pm on 26 November 2010. A draft programme will be available in June, registration will start soon afterwards. Please explore the possibility to get funding through the Grun...
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