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Stimulating European entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial attitudes using games

(2011-03-20 till 2011-03-27)

Plats: Menorca, Spain

If you are convinced that an entrepreneurial attitude is indispensable for whom wants to adapt to the fast social and economic developments of our time, the in-service training course ‘Stimulating European entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial attitud...
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TACCLE IST COURSE 2011: Creating your own e-learning content in school education and adult education

(2011-04-03 till 2011-04-10)

Plats: Ancona, Italy

With this in-service training which will run from 3 until 10 April 2011 in Ancona, Italy (reference number: BE-2011-156-001) our aim is to help teachers to develop state of the art content for e-learning in general and for learning environments in pa...
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The Fourth Nordic Conference on Adult Learning

(2011-04-11 till 2011-04-13)

Plats: Trondheim, Norway

Possible questions are:
How do individuals in different positions, groups and arenas deal with the civic obligation to learn?
What are the patterns of participation and the oppositions to these requirements?
What are the benefits of and dividend...
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Virqual Webinar: Virtual Mobility Implementation

(2011-04-27 till 2011-04-27)
See web page (link below) for more information.
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Learning in Later Life

(2011-05-25 till 2011-05-29)

Plats: Limassol, Cyprus

In the context of an ageing society young and old are more and more faced with new learning needs of older adults and vice versa. Older adults- even if they are not willing to learn-are forced to cope with the changes of modern life to keep social co...
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Adult Education and Citizenship – Relations in Space and Time

(2011-06-16 till 2011-06-18)

Plats: Budapest, Hungary

ESREA Research Networks on:
History of Adult Education and Training in Europé and Active Democratic Citizenship and Adult Learning networks together with Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology Budapest, Hungary
Announces a Co...
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3rd Future Forum on Adult Education

(2011-07-06 till 2011-07-08)

Plats: Urania, Wien/Vienna

Alone or Together? Networks and Cooperations in Adult Education

More info:
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ICE Samos 2011 - 7th International Conference on Education

(2011-07-07 till 2011-07-09)

Plats: INEAG, Samos Island, Greece

7th ICE SAMOS 2011 aims to facilitate the discussion on the problems of education internationally providing a forum for scientific debate and constructive interaction in a multi cultural social environment. The conference provides a platform for scie...
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Effective Continuing Professional Development

(2011-09-24 till 2011-09-30)

Plats: Lisbon, Portugal

This international course aims at answering the fundamental questions of how to select and evaluate CPD (Continuing Professional Development) programmes. It also offers guidance on how to negotiate with external providers, whilst at the same time foc...
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Anerkendelse af arbejdslivskompetencer

(2011-10-07 till 2011-10-07)

Plats: Kosmopol, Fiolstræde 44, København, Danmark

Invitation til afsluttende konference på REVOW-projektet (Recognition of Value of Work). Konferencen afholdes på Kosmopol, Fiolstræde 44, København fredag den 7. oktober kl. 8:30 – 16:30.

Konferencen er gratis.

Hvordan kan arbejdspladser, fagfo...
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Webinar: EQF and Recognition of Prior Learning

(2011-10-20 till 2011-10-20)


the webinar will take place on 20 October 2011, starting at 11:00 CET until 12:00 CET, using Adobe Connect Meeting Room from University of Geneva.

The main points presented by the Keynote Speaker, Michel FEUTRIE, will be:
• National Qualification...
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Literacy and Numeracy: Examples of good practices for learners’ self-determination

(2011-10-24 till 2011-10-28)

Plats: Mâcon, France

This workshop aims at selecting, testing, trying out and discovering pedagogical practices facilitating the learners’ self-determination.
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Teaching of Basic Skills

(2011-10-26 till 2011-10-29)

Plats: Sandefjord, Norway

The Norwegian NA for the LLP, SIU, in cooperation with the European Basic Skills Network, EBSN, would like to invite you to our Grundtvig Contact Seminar on the subject of Training for Teachers of Basic Skills.
Basic Skills is a concept comprising t...
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42nd EUCEN Conference - Bridging the gaps between learning pathways

(2011-11-16 till 2011-11-18)

Plats: Genoa, Italy

Universities are increasingly called upon to address various issues relating to adult education. Higher education institutions are indeed expected to contribute to the development of a new learning paradigm. Universities are demanded to expand the...
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EAEA Conference on New Skills for New Jobs and the Role of Education

(2011-11-17 till 2011-11-18)

Plats: Brussels, Belgium

Why should you come to Brussels in November?
• to be informed about what the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs is about
• to understand what impact is it meant to have
• to know what you can expect from different institutions when it comes to coping ...
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Validation of Learning Outcomes in Grundtvig Courses

(2011-12-07 till 2011-12-11)

Plats: Thessalonimi, Greece

“Validation of Professional Development in Grundtvig Courses" is the second international conference organized by the GINCO consortium focusing on the validation and recognition of learning outcomes in non-formal settings. The conference targets actu...
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