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Lifelong Learning as a Right? European Perspectives – 11th International LLinE Conference

(2009-01-29 till 2009-01-31)

Plats: Helsinki, Finland

The rhetoric of many national governments and international organisations views lifelong learning as a right for everyone. But what is the reality of lifelong learning – is it a right that is fulfilled in Europe today? How can LLL promote inclusion, ...
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TEACh – Teaching European Active Citizenship

(2009-02-15 till 2009-02-19)

Plats: Milan, Italy

We have the pleasure of announcing the 11th edition of the Grundtvig/Comenius in-service training course TEACh – Teaching European Active Citizenship. The training is based on extensive transnational research and planning, and it has recently been no...
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More information (pdf)

2nd edition of "Creative Lifelong Learning - New Approach in Reaching Vulnerable Groups"

(2009-03-08 till 2009-03-14)

Plats: Sopot, Poland

We are happy to invite you, teachers, trainers and educators from your organization to the 2nd edition of "Creative Lifelong Learning - New Approach in Reaching Vulnerable Groups." course that we are organizing in the framework of the Grundtvig in-se...
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Removing the barriers to creativity and innovation? Listening to stakeholders' voice

(2009-05-27 till 2009-05-27)

Plats: Brussels

The Learnovation Roundtable, gathering the main networks active in Europe in the field of innovation and ICT for education and training, is organising this conference that contributes to the European policy cooperation for the following decade.

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Invitation (pdf)

5th International Symposium on Educational Reform

(2009-06-02 till 2009-06-12)

Plats: University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Educational Leadership Challenges and Solutions – Is your PISA-tower leaning?

A symposium for national policy makers, researchers and scholars, superintendents, and principals at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland

June 2-3, 2009 Congress Part...
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IAEVG Conference 2009, June 3-5, Jyväskylä, Finland: Coherence, Co-operation, and Quality in Guidance and Counselling

(2009-06-03 till 2009-06-05)

Plats: Jyväskylä, Finland

The focus in this conference is on guidance as a systemic entity which takes into account the services visible to users and the mechanisms behind the planning and managing those services in order to enhance congruence between strategic planning and t...
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Keeping on Track

(2009-06-04 till 2009-06-05)

Plats: Prague

KEEPING ON TRACK - upgrading the skills of migrants, older workers and women in healthcare, service and social sectors in Europe

The European Commission and other stakeholders have played an important role in the last decade in stimulating discuss...
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ESREA Network Active Democratic Citizenship and Adult learning conference

(2009-06-11 till 2009-06-13)

Plats: Stockholm, Sweden

Conference theme, call for papers and other information are to be found at the website (see link below).

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Key competencies for employability

(2009-09-16 till 2009-09-20)

Plats: Arendal

Didactic approaches and assessment systems for adults who need to enhance their key competencies through embedded learning.
The deadline for applications is April 30th, but before you apply participants will need to get in touch with us stating thei...
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GetSet - be Ready to Go

(2009-09-17 till 2009-09-17)

Plats: Turku Vocational Institute, Finland

The aim of the GetSet – Be Ready to Go Leonardo- project is to develop new pedagogical solutions and an early intervention social skills training programme for adult learners. The training programme is targeted for adult people who are not able to ta...
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Fostering Quality through creative Learnscapes!

(2009-09-24 till 2009-09-25)

Plats: Espoo, Finland

Are you interested in the question how informal learning can contribute to innovation and quality? Then take the unique chance and register for the 3rd International Forum for Quality and Innovation.
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EU as Global Actor

(2009-09-28 till 2009-09-29)

Plats: Lund, Sweden

EU as Global Actor - Lund Calling 2009, an international event in association with the Swedish Presidency of the European Union, will be a unique arena for policy makers, experts and practitioners in education and training, wants to bring the imperat...
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Active EU Citizenship

(2009-09-29 till 2009-09-30)

Plats: Gothenburg, Sweden

Interested in promoting active citizenship? Want to help raise the status of non-formal learning? Book now for 29–30 September 2009.
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Grundtvig Learning Partnership Conference

(2009-10-06 till 2009-10-09)

Plats: Stockholm, Sweden

The Grundtvig Learning Partnerships bring together learners and tutors in adult education from all over Europe and give an opportunity to learn from each other and to develop new approaches in adult learning.
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Grundtvig Workshop on Sustainability and Well-Being

(2009-10-26 till 2009-10-30)

Plats: ECOTEC, 28-34 Albert Street, Birmingham, UK

The international workshop will focus on core contemporary issues. The overarching aims of the workshop are for lifelong learners to exchange ideas about the notions of sustainable lifestyles, well-being and the links between them; to identify how th...
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Educating the adult educator: Quality provision and assessment in Europe

(2009-11-06 till 2009-11-08)

Plats: University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

What does quality mean, and how can it be assessed in the context of educating the adult educator and trainer in Europe today? This is the main theme of the inaugural network meeting.
Full details about fees, travelling to Thessaloniki, conference r...
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Beyond the crisis: design for a sustainable future

(2009-11-23 till 2009-11-24)

Plats: Management Centre Europe : Rue de l'Aqueduc 118, Brussels

This conference is planned as one of the major events of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009.
The broad policy context is set by the current strategic reflection on the way forward from the current economic crisis (the post-2010 "Lis...
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Lifelong Learning Infodays 2010

(2009-11-23 till 2009-11-23)

Plats: Helsinki, Finland

The Executive Agency will organise two Infodays on the centralised actions of the Lifelong Learning Programme, for which it is responsible under the 2010 General Call for Proposals.

The Lifelong Learning Programme informs you!

What are the pos...
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Lifelong Learning Infodays 2010

(2009-12-07 till 2009-12-07)

Plats: Brussels, Belgium

What are the possibilities for European funding in the field of Lifelong Learning for the coming years?
What is the latest news on the European Union's Lifelong Learning Programme?
How can you increase the chances of getting your project selected? ...
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Quality in e-learning - what is the message from European researchers?

(2009-12-07 till 2009-12-07)

Plats: Internet

The DISTANCE network invites you to participate in an on-line seminar on quality. On December 7th 2009, Time: 12:00 CET (11:00 in Iceland and the Faroe Islands, 13:00 in Finland). Please register through the link below. Upon registration you will re...
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Programme (pdf)

Create. Innovate. Grow.

(2009-12-16 till 2009-12-17)

Plats: Stockholm

Internationella Programkontoret arrangerar avslutningskonferensen i samarbete med Regeringskansliet, Stiftelsen för kunskaps- och kompetensutveckling, Skolverket, Högskoleverket, Vinnova, Tillväxtverket, Ungdomsstyrelsen och Kulturrådet. Konferensen ...
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