Avoin demokratia edellyttää läpinäkyvyyttä, osallisuutta ja yhteistyötä

Posted 6 år 96 dage siden ago by Nordisk Netværk Voksnes Læring
Nordisk Netværk Voksnes Læring


Open democracy requires transparency, participation and collaboration

It is maybe a cliché to repeat Bob Dilans words: "The times they are a' changing", but this is still a common experience we meet in our interactions with our fellow travellers. And somehow many claim that society is changing ever faster through an incredible pace in technological development.
The ways in which we organize our common lives in society in the Nordic area has been guided by ideals of democracy, equality and liberty. Recent advances in technology and how these have been recieved by the public offers unprecedented opportunities for openness and participation in democratic discussions and decisions. During the years 2013-15 DISTANS addressed questions touching on these themes from different perspectives. Check out the Dldact project and its products: