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Ville Venäläinen Introduced us to future studies and questions conserning the meaning of the rapid inevitable changes in technlogy where machines learn, augment and even enhance our possibilities.
Ville was the presenter during DISTANS' webinar on November 25th 2015

What does that mean for us who work as adult educators?
Ville works as a development manager at Otava High School and is currently working on his dissertation on the future of generic machine intelligence.

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Ville showed us cases where it has become easier to let computers learn themselves thtn for us to learn and then teach the computer or computer assisted tools - such as helecopters learning to fly by themselves, instead of humans teaching them to fly.

He mentioned the concept of singularity (introduced by Ray Kurzweil) which shows that human's adaptation of technology has been rising at an exponential rate, and that soon we will hardly notice new technological changes, so commonplace they will become...

  • Does this frighten us???
NO, it should not! ==> The future is (partly) created by our choices and actions and we should thus take on the our ethical responsibilities and try to create the future we want!


From there Ville showed us four different Scenarios built on Vernors Thesis
The examples showed how some technologies become as good as humans and others better, or even enhance our possibilities.
A nice example was Robo - pets which can communicate with humans and address the databases and abilities of IBM´s Watson
It was interesting to see a video of a child asking the toy to tell it a story, and the toy responds: "Why don't we create the story together!"
When we see in which directions technology is evolving, we need to ask us questions like:
  • What could this mean for Adult Learning?
  • What does this mean for the role of the adult educator