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There’s a new law in Finland according to which a citizens’ proposal can be submitted to and has to be processed in Parliament if it has at least 50,000 supporters i.e. signatures.
Open ministry (Avoin ministeriö in Finnish) provides an online platform to help the campaign and collect signatures to support the idea.
Aleksi Rossi, a co-founder of Open Ministry, is telling us on the video why this kind of service is very important and how the first really successful campaign was completed.
The campaign was called Tahdon2013  (I do 2013) and the intention was to get a new law about  same-sex marriage. “That day there was a jump in democracy, from prehistory and the old model to digital age”, Aleksi Rossi says. According to Rossi, democracy was upgraded to the digital era with the help of digital signature and a huge number of people expressing their opinion online and taking part in decision making.



(Click the text box in the bottom right corner of the video screen to see the English subtitles)

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The citizens’ initiative Tahdon2013 was taken to the Finnish Parliament after this video was done. The Parliament decided to accept the law on same sex marriage in November 2014 and the President signed it in February 2015.