Toimisto ja työkaverit repussa / Office and Colleagues in a Backpack

Posted 7 år 282 dage siden ago by Nordisk Netværk Voksnes Læring
Nordisk Netværk Voksnes Læring


Development manager Anne Rongas has her office and co-workers in her backpack. All her colleagues work from various places around Finland. Anne, too, is working 100% independent of a certain place. She commutes only when she attends conferences and seminars or training sessions. Otherwise she works from home.

Anne tells on the video how it is possible to have the feeling of sitting together at the same table, sharing all the knowledge and helping each other to work better even if not entering the same building in the morning. Anne and her colleagues have created certain routins that strenghten the feeling of sitting by the same table. For example, they have a common coffee room in Skype. Anne usually starts her working day by entering the room and greeting her colleagues. As her colleagues have different rhythms of working, the room is often empty only between 2 and 4 am.
Shared documents and producing content together in process writing have become as natural as live conversations, Anne says.

Anne’s boss has said that she knows those of her colleages who work from home better than the ones who work in the office. The telecommuters’ work and way of thinking have become more visible. With her colleagues at the Association of Finnish eLearning Centre they are actually talking about presence work and not about distance work or telecommuting.



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