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Online Guidance for Invisible and Silent learners - Skills of a Detective Required?

Posted 6 år 270 dage siden ago by Nordisk Netværk Voksnes Læring
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There are most often both active and silent learners in every classroom. Online learning doesn’t make an exception. Anyway, when talking about silent learners the online the situation is quite much different from face to face. If you want to exist for others in an online environment, you have to make yourself heard or visible in one way or other. Otherwise you might stay unnoticed or even forgotten, no matter how much guidance and support you might need.


Otava Folk High School has offered education for both active and silent learners online for almost 20 years. During the years, the role of online guidance has become more and more important. Even if the students are adults, most of them need support and guidance during their studies. But then again, there are also students who have chosen online studies because they want to study alone, at their own pace without anybody disturbing them.

But how to identify the individual learners who need guidance and can benefit from it? How to decide on the best possible timing for guidance for each learner? Which channel and device serves each student best? How to make the learning and the needs of the silent ones more visible? How could the online learning environment support guidance? Could learning analytics be of any use in this context? Among others these questions were raised and discussed in a webinar that took plalce on 18 May at 14:00 CET. Guidance counselors of Otava Folk High School were sharing their experience on giving guidance also to the invisible and silent learners online. The webinar was organized by NVL Distans and Lorking - Is Lurking Working? -project.

The recording of the webinar can be watched here

And the videos that were shown in the webinar here

The presentation is also public on Slideshare