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Open Democracy - Case Studies of Participation in Finland

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The words transparency, participation and collaboration appear frequently in Antti Jogi Poikola’s speech when he speaks about open democracy. In his opinion, these three concepts are all involved and interdependent in order to reach open democracy. We had the chance to get Jogi  as a presenter in one of our webinars late 2013 which was quite at the beginning of Dldact project.
In the webinar, Antti shares concrete examples of how transparency, participation and collaboration have been implemented in his home country Finland. The “tax tree” case shows how the whole budget of the Finnish government is visualized in a tree image. A city planning project in the city of Jyväskylä is one example of participation. In the project, the city listened to the citizens before the architects when starting the planning of a district. And when it comes to collaboration, Antti shares the case of an NGO called Open Ministry. The idea of Open Ministry is to offer a platform to campaign and collect signatures to support citizens’ initiatives for new laws. You can read more about Open Ministry in one of our earlier blog posts 
When talking about participation, Antti points out that there is abundance of tools and practices for participation. Anyway,  there is no single way to get people involved. All tools and methods are exclusive, and that is why it is not a good idea to speak about either physical or digital but rather as well physical as digital. In Antti’s words, you need more than one card to play the game. In the webinar, he also opens the idea what motivates people to participate.
Got interested to hear more? See the recording of the whole webinar 
Antti’s webinar slides are available here