NordPlus Adult project “Seniors on-line”

Presentation of a Nordplus project on seniors and ICT.


Why do we need such kind of project?

Recently we have quite rapidly ageing population, from one point of view, and quickly developing modern society with the basis of the new technologies, from another point of view. Regarding this global demographic shift, which entails fundamental social, economic and development challenges, new skills such as ICT and English (as a lingua franca) language are required. Unfortunately people of older generation do not possess these competences, because they were not as relevant in seniors’ earlier lifetime as they are essential now. The acquisition of these skills is an important element of supporting active ageing, opening up new learning opportunities for seniors and their full involvement in social life.

What is the main goal of the project?

 Project aims to strengthen English language and ICT skills of the seniors from different Nordic and Baltic countries in order to help them to overcome the challenges arising from the fairs of cultivating these skills in practice, foster communication between different cultures as well as create a solid background for seniors to apply newly gained competences in their everyday lives after the end of the project.

What are the main steps ?

The main project activities are the following:

  1. Designing the integrated  teaching programme for development of EN language and ICT skills;
  2. Forming the groups of senior learners;
  3. Implementing the teaching programme:
  • On a local level:

- Face-to-face lessons with teachers

- On-line meetings with teachers

- Creating short videos on the chosen topic.

  • On an international level:

- On-line meetings with international friends

- Mid course seminar in one of partner countries for most motivated learners

- Cross- cultural “Get-together” meeting as the final event of the project for

presenting project achievements

4. Development of E-book for self-learning

What’s been done so far?

During the first year of the project   “Seniors Online” team created the project website as a tool of the project dissemination for general public and as a platform for communication both for the project participants and the partners , established cooperation with quite a big number of senior organizations, designed the teaching integrated programme, selected trainees for the course and at the end of September 2016 started trainings for senior learners in partner countries.

In parallel with these activities since the last partner meeting, organized in Riga we’ve been working on the final project product –E-book for self –learning.  The book will be ready till the last project event, which will be held in Vilnius.