2017 Open education for refugees – Optimizing diversity through MOOCs

Webinar Wednesday 19 April 2017, 15.00-16.00 CET


How can open education, in particular MOOCs, offer relevant solutions to help refugees gain access to higher education and employment in their new homelands?  
This is the first of two webinars the Distans network is organizing to prepare for the NMR chairmanship conference hosted by the Norwegian government in November. The conference is about «Adult learning and inclusion in worklife and society» and takes place in Bergen. Look out for the second webinar where we will continue the discussion on how digital media provides innovative solutions to include more adults in learning and social participation.

Refugees face legal, linguistic, cultural, institutional and financial barriers to enter higher education. Furthermore, traditional universities can only offer places to a certain number of students, with funded places even rarer, and seldom have the capacity to cope with large numbers of refugees in a short time. The lengthy process of seeking asylum is lost time for most refugees. Utilizing MOOCs to support refugees in entering HE or employment market is a strategy to currently being explored by various initiatives in line with ECs communication 2013 “wider use of new technology and open educational resources can contribute to alleviating costs for educational institutions and for students, especially among disadvantaged groups”

Watch a recording of the webinar here