Adult Education and Integration in the Nordic Countries (2010-2011)

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Adult Education and Integration in the Nordic Countries

Adult education and integration is one of the most politically debated issues of contemporary society, not least in the Nordic countries, and it covers a broad range of challenges ranging from the innovative potentials of cultural diversity and understanding to destructive problems of inequality, discrimination and racism. The area has been managed somewhat differently in the Nordic countries due to partly different political/administrative structures and integration histories, see the overviews of the situation in specific countries.

The area that has also attracted the interest of researchers in all the Nordic countries, representing disciplines such as sociology, educational studies, studies of religion, political and legal studies, anthropology, linguistics, cultural and media studies, gender studies, history. Some are engaged in cross-disciplinary collaboration involving two or more of these discplines. Researchers, who are naturally working in close contact with the international research community, share a number of concepts that have been developed internationally (in Western academia). All these concepts are known by researchers, their meanings are discussed and contested, and new terms are related to the old ones.

In order to give an impression of the range of concepts dealt with in Nordic and international research on adult education and integration, we offer the following list, which is tentatively divided into two broad areas: 1. Cultural identities and processes of identification, and 2. Diversity in society. The list may be used for instance as a tool for searching for relevant research on the Internet:

Some concepts in the area of adult education and integration

Cultural identities and processes of identification

Migration, migrant, immigrant, emigrant, refugee, quota refugee, exile, asylum, first-, second-, third generation immigrant, ethnic origin, other ethnic group, alien, foreigner, foreign background, indigenous peoples, native, integration, inclusion, exclusion, assimilation, segregation, categorization, minority, minorization, majority, majorization, othering, otherization, us/them dichotomy, discrimination, stigmatization, hierarchization, marginalization, ethnicity, ethnification, culture, culturalization, race, racialization, prejudice, stereotype, orientalism, belonging, transcultural identity, transnational identity, intercultural identity, national identity, postnational identity, colonial identity, post-colonial identity, linguistic identity, religious identity, ethnic identity, intersectionality, identity policy, hybridity, creolization, diaspora, racism, anti-racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, antisemitism, whiteness, blackness, nationalism, ethnocentrism, linguicism, essentialism, culturalism, Blut und Boden.

Diversity in society  

Diversity, interculturality, international, transnational, transcultural, globalization, local/global, glocal, cosmopolitanism, multiculturality, multiculturalism, multiethnicity, multilingualism, intercultural communication (verbal, non-verbal), inter-faith communication, intercultural competence, intercultural learning, second language learning, cultural encounter, language encounter, religious encounter, distant culture, dialogue, mother tongue, monolingual, bilingual, multilingual, second language, foreign language, heritage language, modern language, dialect, sociolect, ethnolect, multiethnolect, cultural relativism, democracy, equality, human rights, recognition, participation, tolerance, pluralism, citizenship, power, hegemony.


Adult Education and Integration in the Nordic Countries  

National overviews as pdf-files:


Dansk forskning om integration

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Integrationsministeriets vidensportale er en let tilgængelig online-portal, som er en del af, og her bliver viden på integrationsområdet samlet og systematiseret. Bl.a. findes publikationer, lovstof, integrationsviden, beskæftigelse, etnisk iværksætteri. 

Delaktighet i ett mångkulturellt Norden

- arbetsseminarium om utbildningspolicy
1-2.12.2011 Regionförvaltningsverket, Vasa
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