An innovative approach


An innovative approach to entrepreneurs education

It's about taking responsibility for one’s own learning and it just happens faster with adults. Give freedom to learn, then they take the responsibility and so magical thing happens.

When a coach thinks he must interfere, he must not. But when he thinks he must not, he must. Every day I have to remind myself of that rule, said Hanna Waldén, Senior Team Coach in Team Academy, at Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences’ special unit of Team Entrepreneurship, who gave an introduction to an innovative approach on adult learning based on the principles from the learning method developed in Team Academy.

Team Academy is an academy for practice-oriented research. A place inspired by untraditional methods and entrepreneurship, where training is based on teamwork and coaching. Teaching at the Team Academy takes place in groups, and traditional classroom training is nonexistent. The core of Team Academy's courses is that each group must establish a real business and make this a success in 2 ½ years. In this way, innovation and entrepreneurship is a part of everyday life.

There are three essential principles for Adult Learners, Hanna Waldén explained at the Professionalization of Adult Educators Conference in Malmø, March 2010 .
1. The learner construct herself learning (constructivism). Adults know more than they know that they know. Here is a difference between adults and adolescents.
2. Learning is context-related and situational. We use it in the current situation of two solvency problems and develop things.
3. Learning is social. We learn 3-5 times faster in a team. We learn, when we reflect. We learn through dialogue with ourselves and with others. If we want to learn fast and most effective, it happens through dialogue.

The team is a tool for learning

After 14 years in this job, Hanna Waldén was still amazed at what happens to learning when we work in a team. “ Team learning is about individual learning. We use teams as a tool to teach the individual student, she said.

The effect of social environment on learning is massive. The ideas only grows more, if we share with others.  In team academy, We have different levels of learning. Of course there are individual learning, but the proces is boosted by learning in a team. Learning is about change and the huge results are made by the little steps.

Learning is actually facilitating af proces of change. We can see changes in day to day life. The changes do not start right away, but we need time to incorporate the changes in the day to day working process. Therefore we focus on the slow learning process.

About Team Academy

Team Academy is Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences’ special unit of Team Entrepreneurship. Partus Ltd. is responsible for adult education and method transfer of Team Academy. First adult programs started on 1996. The core of a learning method is based on team learning and learning-by-doing, which are supported by team coaching and theoretical studies. The core of the pedagogy is an application for context of team entrepreneurship based on radical sosioconstructivism ja learning by research. All the methods are developed in Team Academy. Over 500 adult learners in long-term programs (2010), over 500 graduates from adult education.

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