Author: Antoniya Doneva

  • prison education ICT skills |Danmark

    How is the education platform SKnet used in the Danish Storstrøm prison?

    Two students from Aalborg University have conducted a case study on the use of the education platform SKnet in the closed prison Storstrøm.

  • research quality assurance |Norden

    The new Nordic-Baltic PIAAC website is launched makes results and data from the PIAAC survey accessible for the benefit of researchers and adult educators in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

  • learning outcomes |Norden

    Do educational projects have an afterlife?

    A nagging question: Do projects change anything? Do Nordic educational projects have an effect after their funding ends? If so: What lives on? ... and why?

  • fjernundervisning efter- og videreudddannelse læringsresultat |Danmark

    Syv tiltag, som har betydning for kvaliteten i digitale læringsforløb

    Søger du inspiration om, hvordan du kan gøre digitale læringsforløb bedre?

  • Photo from the cover of the report
    democracy sustainable development learning outcomes |Norden

    Engaging young people in sustainability and the future of education

    NVL has published a new publication about results from Clever Competence, workshop for young adults

  • færniþróun raunfærni |Norden

    Nýr einblöðungur um gæðalíkan fyrir raunfærnimat á Norðurlöndum

    Nú hefur nýr einblöðungur um gæðalíkan fyrir raunfærnimat á Norðurlöndum verið birtur á heimasíðu NVL