Career Management Skills

Career Management Skills – What – Why – How?. Malmö, November 23-24 2017.


Start: 23-11-2017 12:00

Slut:    24-11-2017 12:00
competence development career guidance

NVL organised a conference on Career Managemnt Skills (CMS) – as a cross – cutting tool for Career development from the viewpoint of Lifelong guidance and Career guidance in Malmö on Novemeber 23rd and 24th 2017.

Career management skills (CMS) are competencies which help individuals to identify their skills, develop career learning goals and take action to enhance their careers (ELGPN definition).

The seminar offered lectures with international researchers and career counsellors from the Nordic countries with workshops introducing practical cases on how CMS is practiced in guidance for adults, e.g. in employment services, LLL (LifeLong Learning) centers and adult education.
The conference provided both an introduction to CMS and a critical view on the concept.


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