Dear Reader!


This issue’s Finnish contribution is a fascinating report about a woman who learned to use computers later in life. Whether the computer is a work tool, a hobby or a life partner – that is for the reader to decide. A fascinating story in any case!
This month’s Swedish article is perhaps a little more serious in tone. Samhall AB is an important resource in equal opportunities development. It is rather surprising that the combination of severe disabilities and expanding, profit-generating trade turns out to be so successful. 
BKA, or Basiskompetanse i Arbeidslivet, is an ambitious Norwegian programme which promotes basic skills teaching in working life. Who will take on this challenge elsewhere in our region?
Reading and writing are inarguably important basic skills. We know that problems in reading and writing have significant negative effects on a person’s employability. This issue’s Danish article describes a Nordic report, according to which not much is really known about the Nordic population’s formal reading and writing skills. The reason is that there has not been enough research in this field. The article lists three examples of the work that is now being done. 
The special situation of Estonia is reflected in an article about the long-term unemployed. In Estonia unemployment is mainly a minority issue, but many areas in the Nordic and Baltic countries struggle with similar problems.

So, please read and be fascinated by how similarities and differences merge together. If you stop to think for a moment, you will see that we all share the same problems and challenges!