Dear Reader,

This DialogWeb issue contains a feature article about Norwegian Torhild Slåtto, who is both a leading figure in the field of education and a distance learner herself. According to Torhild, not only are learning and education the key to healthy community development – they are the key to professionalism and quality as well. Most of this issue’s articles were inspired by the NVL’s forthcoming Nordic report on quality in adult learning. The report will be presented at a Nordic conference in Nynäshamn, near Stockholm, 14–15 May. We have interviewed several key persons behind some of the quality projects mentioned in the report, and they shed light on why quality is a top priority. A Danish article tells us about an evaluation carried out by CVU Storkøbenhavn (Copenhagen Centre for Higher Education), while Norway’s contribution presents a partnership in career guidance. In the Åland islands, a quality project guides sea captains to port. In Estonia, a set of standards regarding adult educators has been established, while in Finland, another project focuses on improving the quality of digital learning resources. In Iceland, quality indicators for learning centres are being developed. Finally, two articles from Sweden and Finland, respectively, deal with quality in non-formal adult education.
I hope that this DialogWeb issue gives you a taste for more! You can look forward to a printed issue of Dialog, to be published in May, which will contain a selection of articles about quality work and a summary of the Nordic quality report.