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Dear Reader,

The Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning (Nationellt centrum för flexibelt lärande, CFL) is working to make lifelong learning possible for everyone by enhancing and stimulating the development of flexible learning in the municipal adult education sector, liberal adult education, and working life.
The education form which is today known as flexible learning or flexible education has changed considerably since the mid-1990s. It started out as distance learning supported by information technology. Today, flexible learning consists of one or several combinations of different methods, different solutions and technological devices.

A new era is beginning in adult education. Because of changes in our society, education, liberal adult education and competence development are becoming increasingly important. New target groups are expected to participate in adult education. The new era will bring new challenges, which can only be solved through flexible forms of adult education.

Changes bring challenges, as always. In adult education, the challenge entails offering a broad range of liberal adult education, education and training, and competence development in a society where the importance of these education forms is growing. For CFL, the challenge consists of supporting municipal adult education and liberal adult education in the development process that is necessary if they are to satisfy the demand for flexible forms of adult education.

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Hans-Inge Persson, Director General, The Swedish Agency for Flexible Learning CFL