Dear Reader


Government leaders like to urge and challenge citizens to ”join in and make your contribution to the competence society!” in their new year’s speeches and government budgets. In our field – adult learning – research has an impact on what kind of pedagogical tools are used in teaching. It also has a profound impact on what kind of education is offered and developed.

Whether it is a small business or an entire government, an organisation needs to know its strengths and weaknesses in order to establish itself and gain ground. Research in adult learning is thus a crucial prerequisite for understanding and acknowledging the contribution of adult active citizens to our competition-oriented competence society. This applies both to their formal and non-formal competencies.

The first step towards the goal must be taken from a starting-point. Research can, and should, help us find this starting point. Researchers can also collect ”best practices” which guide us to the most effective route towards our goal.    

In this issue of DialogWeb, therefore, we will attempt to shed light on some aspects of adult learning research in our region. I hope you will enjoy reading it!