Villy Hovard Pedersen Villy Hovard Pedersen

Denmark: a new way of thinking in the field of education

The first speech of the conference was given by Villy Hovard Pedersen, Director of Education at the Danish Ministry of Education. Pedersen observed that there is an growing gap between the nature of work and the content of education. All the relevant actors within the areas of working life, education and leisure must be included in the process of developing methods for validation of learning . –Formal education and the real content of work are moving further and further apart, he said.
He posed a rhetorical question: would information technology expertise be as advanced as it is today if it were the result of formal school learning?
– There are professional fields in which learning takes place outside the actual education system, Pedersen admitted.
According to Pedersen, validation of learning benefits all the parties involved.
– Measuring real competence (reell competens) is all about assessing what a person can do, not what they cannot do, and that is encouraging for the individual concerned.