Design in Metal och Prisma


Design in Metal

Following the development of the financial crises in Iceland the metal industry has kept up with other industries with regard to job availability, mainly due to the lack of foreign currency for importing spare parts and metal goods.

On the other hand, designers, product designers and graphic designers have experienced increasing unemployment and it is of great importance to create a platform where their creative talent can flourish. The main goal for the project is organised activity within manufacturing companies in the metal industry.

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Prisma is a new cross sectoral diploma study created by the Iceland Academy of the Arts and Bifröst University in cooperation with the Reykjavik Academic Society as a reaction to the Icelandic bank collapse in the fall of 2008, increasing unemployment and the need and will of people to revise the current situation, their selves and society. University level studies open to everyone who has passed the matriculation examination or the equivalent.

The main components of the teaching methodology and organisation are creative and critical thinking, but the main subjects are art theory and philosophy. Many related subjects are interwoven into the main subject, such as; image theory, cultural management, entrepreneurship, design and contemporary style, history of idioms, history of music and communication, creative writing, methodology of visual art and theatre, architecture and city planning, communication theory, anthropology, and marketing. In addition, expert guest lecturers visit once a week to inform about the current strategy, research and innovation in Iceland and abroad.

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