Digital competence and democracy

Has become a key competence in our daily life in the Nordic countries. And it is more than that. Digital competence can open roads to more democracy and makes new arenas for active citizenship. In a Nordplus project, Dldact, we have selected many good examples of how people in different countries have taken opportunities of digital tools to involve people in social activities and democratic processes. It is amazing how digital competence generates active citizenship.


Who is behind the webinar?
The Nordplus project DLDACT - Digital learning, democracy, active citizenship and transparency:

  • Hrobjartur Arnason, Iceland University
  • Taru Kekkonen, Otavan Opisto
  • Aina Knudsen, Færøene Handelsskole
  • Jørgen Grubbe, Foreningen for Fleksibel uddannelse I Danmark
  • Torhild Slåtto, Fleksibel utdanning Norge

Inkludera Flera:

  • Johanni Larjanko, Bildningsalliansen

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