Discussion Forum on adult educator training focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship


Discussion Forum at Design Factory, Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland

27-28th of October 2014

A meeting for invited experts and stakeholders for discussing and developing a model for pilot adult educator training focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in order to provide sustainable welfare in the future. The pilot projects should try out a new, flexible and network based structure of competence development for adults. The discussion will be based on the results of work carried out by an NVL task-force during the last two years:

  • a set of principles for innovative learning methods fostering entrepreneurial mindsets;
  • conclusions and comments about collaborative innovation drawn from the analyses of Nordic case examples from adult learning.

The Discussion Forum will be facilitated by two researchers working with entrepreneurship, learning and co-creation:

  • Ph. D.Benson Honig, McMaster University - who is a distinguished researcher in topics related to entrepreneurship;
  • Ph. D. Marie Aakjaer, Aarhus University - who has written her doctoral thesis with a focus on co-creation and learning.


More information: Maria Marquard, NVL Denmark, marq@edu.au.dk