Distans webinar: Communities of Practice

On September 16 2016 the NVL DISTANS network organised a webinar with Tryggvi Thayer who has led a group of university teachers and practitioners in a very successful project to support Icelandic teachers use of ICT in their teaching.


One of the most interesting and effective ways to organize change and professional development among educators is to support communities of practice in which peers are introduced to cutting edge practice, mirror their own practice in new ideas and have meaningful discussions about challenges that they face in their jobs.

Distans Webinar:
Communities of practice on Friday September 16th at 13:00 CET (Helsinki 14:00, Copenhagen 13:00, Torshavn 12:00, Reykjavík 11:00, Nuuk 9:00)

Watch the recording HERE

Resources, feedback and more from the webinar HERE

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