Do educational projects have an afterlife?

A nagging question: Do projects change anything? Do Nordic educational projects have an effect after their funding ends? If so: What lives on? ... and why?


Educational projects often have important learning elements inbuilt, where partners in the project create something together and learn through their co-creation. Moreover because these projects are transnational, partners find themselves in situations where they need to collaborate virtually using all sorts of digital tools. The COVID pandemic has pushed the digitization of work even further and faster than before and we have seen that necessity often drives adaptation and innovation. We wonder in which ways transnational collaboration can also support partners in developing their digital competencies.

You are invited to participate in a discussion with participants in some successful NordPlus Adult projects which were finished a few years ago and we are analysing right now.

On March 10th 2021 we will interview Anders Norberg on a project he lead with Academi Norr in Sweden:

Global Cloud Services - Local Lifelong Learners - Contextualizing MOOC's to local or synchronous learning settings

Participate in the discussion with us to learn important factors in projects which can influence their success and sustainability, even after funding ends.

Organiser team: The PaaD – Nordic project team.

Materials from the webinar

A blogpost with our learnings from the interview and a link to the recording.

Contact: Hróbjartur Árnason, University of Iceland - School of Education,