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Non-formal Adult Education in Estonia, Alice data-base:

The Association of Estonian Adult Educators (AEAE) ANDRAS ETK

The Association of Estonian Adult Educators (AEAE) ANDRAS is an Estonian non-governmental organisation, which unites the representatives of different branches of adult education and aims at increasing the competence of it members in the field of andragogics.

Estonian Ministry of Education and Research / Haridus ja Teadusministeerium

Estonian Non-formal Adult Education Association / Eesti Vabaharidusliit (ENAEA)

A national umbrella organisation in the non-formal (liberal) adult education field

The Estonian Qualification Authority

Estisk kvalifikationsstyrelse og kompetencedatabase, med engelsk version:

Estonian Youth Work Center / Eesti Noostöö Keskus

Training, Further Training and Retraining in Youth Work - it helps to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary in youth work. Thus, it enhances the development and efficiency of youth work.

Foundation Innove

Estisk hjemmeside for fremme af livslang læring, med engelsk version:

Jaan Tõnissoni Instituudi koolituskeskus

A Study organisation with the main subject - civic education

Open Education Association/Avatud Haritud Liit

A Study Association with 20 member organisations

Socrates Estonian National Agency

Socrates Estonian National Agency is a structural unit of the Foundation "Archimedes", which was established in 1997 by the Ministry of Education to manage the European Union education and research programmes.

Tallinn University / Tallinna Ülikool