Educating community and organisational leaders in health promotion


EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2015. Every year, EAEA hands out the EAEA Grundtvig Award to successful projects in adult education. In 2015, three projects were awarded with a prize: an international, a European and a national initiative. The theme of this year’s award was Adult Education and Health.

The article series spreads good practices by introducing the nominees of the EAEA Grundtvig Award 2015.


Creating a strong network

The project "Community and Organizational Leaders in Health Promotion" from Israel was initiated to provide adult employees who already perform health promotion duties as part of their work to gain health promotion competencies and experience as outlined by the EU COMPHP core Health Promotion competencies with a special focus on health inequality.

Integrating minorities

The innovative nearly year-long training aims to reach both mainstream society as well as social, ethnic and geographical minorities (Druz, Muslims, Haredy Jews, Bedouins, new immigrants from Ethiopia, as well as representatives of health-related of non-profit organisations such as people with disabilities and others).

Staying in touch

The project has two main aims:

  1. to improve the well being of the Israeli population using a health promotion approach, and
  2. to create an active network of HP professionals. The course objectives are learning and practice based.

The project uses numerous innovative, participant-based learning methods, as well as a unique evaluation method to integrate participant preference into the current and future syllabi. The sustainability of the project is secured through ongoing Ministry of Health funding. Networking is sustained via facebook and Whatsapp group, which are frequently used by the participants.


Project coordinator:

Department of Health Promotion, Public Health Service Ministry of Health, Israel, Lilach Melville