European Networking Conference on Entrepreneurship Education


A networking conference for lecturers, researchers and practitioners from European

higher educational institutions between 28 - 30 January 2015 in Horsens, Denmark

The intention of this unique networking conference is to create a forum for conversations, interaction and sharing knowledge and experiences at a peer-to-peer level amongst lecturers and researchers. Our aim is to co-create new perspectives and opportunities for entrepreneurship teaching in Europe. The networking conference includes the following three areas:

1. Entrepreneurship research:  Research & Development within teaching

2. Entrepreneurship teaching:  Experiments, new methods and new types of exams

3. Student incubator and start-ups:  Curricular and non-curricular activities.

The conference aims at supporting you and providing you with an international network of entrepreneurship educators and researchers. The networking conference invites you to present your didactical experiments, explorations of specific teaching methods and broader psychological and pedagogical approaches to stimulate enterprising behavior among students.

If you are a lonely pioneering rider of entrepreneurship education, you will have our special attention.

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