Experiences of using ICT in distance learning in the Nordic countries

A NVL-Distans Seminar


Date: 3rd of May 2018, 9.00 to 16.00

Place: Panorama, Hotel Hafnia, Áarvegur 4 -10, FO110 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

This was a day of insights, inspiration and new knowledge. The seminar presented examples from the Faroe Islands on offering distance learning through ICT and the providers’ experiences of doing so. The Nordplus project “Silent learners” and experiences in using ICT in distance learning were also on the agenda. Two workshops were offered, run by Torhild Slåtto and Alastair Creelman. The themes were “Rural Development and Adult Learning” and “Digital Tools for Collaboration – on-site and online”

The seminar took place on 3 May 2018 in the Faroe Islands. It is an event that offered new ideas and knowledge on how to support ICT in Adult Learning in the Faroe Islands as well as in other Nordic regions.

The NVL-network Distans has worked with ICT in Adult Learning for over 10 years. It has members from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland.  Distans provides ways for teachers, providers and people interested in ICT to share experiences and learn from each other. The network also wants to spread knowledge about online learning and to widen distant education offers for adults at all educational levels.


Recording of session one

Recording of session two

Article in DialogWeb

Presentation of lurking

Presentation of the Silent Learners report 


Detailed programme below (PDF file).