Final Dissemination Conference

The Final Dissemination Conference of the OBSERVAL-Net project will present the Manifesto on Validation of Non-formal and Informal Learning prepared by the consortium and an advocacy pack, intended to help anyone interested to promote VNIL at national, regional, local or institutional level. It will also include the 2013 Validation Prize Award Ceremony, where the winners of the three categories will collect their prize. 

The OBSERVAL-Net final event will include two presentations by Jens Bjornavold, Senior expert of CEDEFOP, who will present “Recommendations and Guidelines: European processes to VNIL”, and Aune Valk, EUCEN’s policy expert, who will present “The Advocacy Pack: a tool you can use”. Other interesting activities will be open debates and working sessions. To complete the conference, we will offer you the opportunity to participate in a Networking Cocktail, where participants from different events will come together and disseminate their activities, materials and ideas while talking to colleagues.

Plats: Fondation universitaire rue d'Egmont 11 Brussels 1000 Belgium

Sista datum för anmälan: The Registration period will close 04 October 2013. Participation to this conference is free of charge.

Arrangör: OBSERVAL-Net project

Kontaktuppgifter: observal-net(ät)