High-level Political Forum: SDGs Learning, Training and Practice

July 11 at 14:30 (Norway, Sweden, Denmark); 15:30 (Finland); 12:30 (Iceland); Online event


NVL’s network for Sustainable Development will present during the online event Human Rights Education, Global Citizenship, and Transformative Methods to Accelerate Sustainable Development and Resilient Recovery.

The event aims to raise awareness about and revitalize the commitment to implement SDG 4 in all its dimensions and to share transformative methods and tools that have a demonstrated value in influencing change.

The focus of the event is on two thematic areas for advancing quality education:

  1. Human Rights Education
  2. Education for sustainable development and global citizenship

Practical information

Read more about the event. Session 7 concept note.pdf (un.org)

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If you have any questions, you are welcome to write to Brita Phuthi, brita@folkehogskole.no.

About the hosts

The event is hosted by the Millennials Movement, Permanent Mission of Denmark to the United Nations in New York, the Danish Institute for Human Rights, The Baltic Sea Challenge and the Nordic Network for Sustainable Development at the Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL).