Initial findings from the iea international civic and citizenship education study

A study by Wolfram Schulz, John Ainley, Julian Fraillon, David Kerr and Bruno Losito.
Published in 2010.
The 2009 IEA study of civic and citizenship education (ICCS), conducted in 38 countries around the world, built on the previous IEA studies of civic education, but took place in a context characterized by significant societal change, including the rapid development of new communication technologies, increased movement of people between countries, and the growth of supranational organizations. The data gathered from more than 140,000 students and 62,000 teachers in over 5,300 schools during the course of the study offers information that countries and education systems worldwide can use to inform and improve policy and practice in civic and citizenship education. 
This report of the initial findings is the first in a series of publications presenting the study outcomes.