Innovation (2012)

Diversity, Super-Diversity & Transnational Entrepreneurship

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Av: Niels Henrik Helms

Innovation is – or is at least seen as - what is needed to meet the challenges generated by globalization. The Nordic welfare models have been seen as a strong precondition for innovation in a changing world. The tradition of participating processes and strong partnerships between government, business and social movements supported by a strong and developed system for adult education should enhance these societies’ capabilities in a globalized and networked world.

Then, education is seen as one of the instruments, which can be applied to strengthen creativity and innovation. This raises a very fundamental question: How do we develop education, teaching and pedagogies in a way, which makes participants from primary school to adult education more creative and innovative?

Innovation is a learning process, where participants develop and use competences. When we relate it to education we could then first state that in education need to learn something but in learning something we also learn something else. In a Nordic tradition, we organize learning as a dialogue based process where group-work, project-based collaboration and other forms which focus on learning more as a knowledge-building process than a process of transfer. Therefore ideally learners develop language, understandings and also competences to participate in collaborative innovative work situations. This suggests that adult education should focus on: How adults become innovative through innovative processes and thereby also learn about innovation.

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Presentations from a seminar 13.3.2012
NVL research network on innovation
Eli Moen, Norwegian Business School PDF
NVL Research Network on Innovation – within the field of adult learning and competence development
Hanna Toiviainen, University of Helsinki, Finland PDF
Challenges for Research and Innovation in Adult and Workplace Learning
Per-Erik Ellström, HELIX VINN Excellence Centre, Linköping University PDF
Research on Innovation within the area of adult learning and competence development in the Nordic countries
Presentation for Iceland: Inga Jóna Jónsdóttir, School of Business, University of Iceland PDF 


Texts and Articles 

Nordic Innovation! What are We Talking about? PDF
Velfærdsstat som krisemedicin
Projektet Translearn,
Eli Moen
Velferdsstaten legger grunnlaget for norsk suksess i den globaliserte økonomien.

Norge på den fjerde vei PDF 

Dokumentation from Nordic Conference on Innovation in Copenhagen June 2012