Innovative learning opportunities for immigrants


New opportunities for self-motivated and hobby-based learning are being developed for asylum seekers and native Finns in the Learning Spaces project launched by University of Eastern Finland.

Traditionally, training aimed at immigrants comprises language training and integration training. The Learning Spaces project seeks to create innovative alternatives to complement the offering available to adult learners.

"In this project, students of education and adult education will, under supervision, develop new kinds of self-motivated activities to avoid a situation where asylum seekers stay isolated and idle in their own groups while waiting for their language and integration training to begin. Together with native Finns, asylum seekers can also act as trainers in their fields of expertise, for example cooking, woodwork, handicrafts or music. This is bound to give integration a boost," say the persons behind the idea, Senior Lecturer Juha Kauppila and Professor Jyri Manninen of the University of Eastern Finland.

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