LLinE and InfoNet combine forces


Lifelong Learning in Europe (LLinE) journal and InfoNet Adult Education network form a completely new adult education media, under a new name. The media will be the biggest in its field on the continent. EAEA is a close partner and has been involved in the design.

For the past two years LLinE and InfoNet Adult Education network (photo on the right) have created content together. After this successful cooperation, they will now merge.

The mission of the new media is to support the work of the European adult education professional through sharing of good practices, informing of recent events, trends and phenomena and giving in-depth insight into salient themes.

The makers promise readers:

  • With a correspondent in almost every European country, you will get an accurate and up-to-date picture at all times of adult education in Europe;
  • A broader variety of European voices in the magazine: educators, Advocates and NGO professionals, learners and scholars;
  • Easy connection with the various adult education organisations that form the magazine's network;New content every two weeks, plus four thematic issues yearly.

A test issue is published in September to enable the readers to give feedback. The launch of the new media takes place in December. The name of the new media will be announced soon.

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Text: Markus Palmén
Photo: InfoNet