MEET project: Meeting the health literacy needs of immigrant populations


EAEA GRUNDTVIG AWARD 2015. The health status of migrants and ethnic minority groups is often worse than that of the average population. MEET project aims at strengthening the recognition of multiculturalism and including migration-related competences in the health care services.

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Immigrant populations are often more vulnerable than the rest of the population, due to their lower socioeconomic status, and sometimes because of traumatic migration experiences and lack of adequate social support.

Minority groups are at risk of not receiving the same level of health care in diagnosis, treatment and preventive services that the average population receives. Health care services are not responsive enough to the specific needs of minorities.

The project was one of the nominees of EAEA Grundtvig Award 2015 in the European category.

Recognizing diversity

To tackle this problem, MEET aims at adapting and developing an innovative Community Health Education model and a professional development programme for social and health service providers. The project aims to enhance the cultural and interpersonal competences of health and social service providers to develop health literacy skills and deliver a more effective service to immigrant users.

Another goal of the project is to strengthen health literacy skills among immigrant people by promoting information, guidance and access to health care services and expand intersectoral coordination in designing and developing training programmes for health professionals, in particular between health, education and social service sectors.

MEET project

Project coordinator:
OXFAM Italia, Selma Nametak


  • Instituto Superiore di Sanità (Italy)
  • Research Innovation and Transformation (UK)
  • Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology (Cyprus)
  • Verein Multikulturell (Austria)
  • Polibienestar Research Institute – University of Valencia (Spain)

Project website

Every year, EAEA hands out the EAEA Grundtvig Award to successful projects in adult education. In 2015, three projects were awarded with a prize: an international, a European and a national initiative. The theme of this year’s award was Adult Education and Health.