Making learning visible in the Nordic countries


Making learning visible in the Nordic countries 

Nordic Conference, 19 September 2014 at Harpa conference centre in Reykjavík

Welcome to a Nordic Conference to Enhance Visibility and Recognition of Qualifications Obtained in Public Education, Training and Workplace.

One of the most significant developments in the European educational systems in the recent years is the emergence of national qualifications frameworks and the overarching European frameworks, the European Qualifications Framework and the EHEA Framework for higher education.

Great expectations are tied to the development and implementation of qualifications frameworks. Qualification frameworks building on learning outcomes approaches are expected to enhance transparency and employability and the ties between education and labour market for all types of qualifications within the formal system of education and to promote new opportunities for the validation of non-formal and informal learning and thereby facilitating recognition of prior learning.

This common Nordic conference sets out to discuss and share experiences and good practice in implementing the qualifications frameworks in our various systems in the Nordic countries. The conference is mainly targeted at:

  • How can qualifications frameworks facilitate transparency and employability?
  • Which roles can qualifications frameworks play in connecting non-formal, private and international qualifications with the qualifications obtained in the formal system of education?
  • How can qualifications frameworks facilitate recognition of prior learning and which examples can we draw upon in the Nordic countries?

The conference will also display and discuss examples of the impact of qualifications frameworks and a learning outcome based approach to the developments and descriptions of educational programmes. Finally the conference will focus on qualifications frameworks as transparency tools, the connections between the frameworks and other common European tools such as ECTS and ECVET, Europass and EQAVET and the role of these tools in facilitating recognition and mobility.

The conference is free of charge. Flight and hotel are at own expenses.

On behalf of the organizing committee

Stefan Skimutis
Björg Pétursdóttir


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