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Supporting Employers Recruiting and Selecting Mature Aged Persons

(Leonardo da Vinci project 2006-2008 & 2008-2010)

is of high social relevance. It addresses the age-segregating recruitment policies and strives to enhance the learning opportunities at workplaces for the target group of mature workers.

Partners of Project Phase No 1 (2006 to 2008)

Why best practice?

The project has chosen an organizational perspective - to make an impact on the “voices” crucial to the situation of mature workers in workplaces. The project addresses – leaders of businesses, Equal Opportunities Agencies, HRM, trade unions and workers’ representatives – and this way produces effects relevant to the secondary beneficiaries (mature workers).

The project products are of a very high standard: the e-Learning platform, the toolbox with a collection of innovative training material and the website in eight languages. The added value is that the products are available free of charge. There have been more than 30.000 visitors on the page from all over the world. The testimonies in the website from the companies, which have used the product, signalize of both user-friendliness and of practical usefulness of the products – and of its impact on awareness rising on the mature worker issue.

The project products have been promoted among others through a union network, which covers about 900 trade unions in Europe.

The products are highly transferable to other countries. Besides having been implemented in eight countries, another nine countries have joined in through a new Transfer of Innovation –project continuing the work. The e-learning platform has been set up to the servers in 1-4 institution in each partner country and is actively used for training. The products could possibly be even adjusted to other target groups (e.g. immigrants) although with some alterations.

Maria Schwarz-Woelzl: "Transnationality is fundamental! We found significant North - South gaps in terms of age related initiatives in Europe."

To learn more about the European cooperation experience from this project, see the whole interview with the promoter here


Contact the promoter:
Zentrum fuer Soziale Innovation, Austria
Maria Schwarz-Woelzl

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