NERA Congress number 42: Education for sustainable development

The topic of the conference is related to the UN decade ”Education for sustainable development” which has come to an end in 2014. You are invited to take part in this discussion, even if your research interest may be in other directions.” 
The following four keynote speakers will address the conference: 
- Professor Arjen Wals, Wageningen University 
- Professor Trond Jakobsen, Lillehammer University College 
- Professor Suzanne de Castell, University of Ontario 
- Professor Nina Walentyna Maria Witoszek, University of Oslo 
Participants will have the opportunity to present papers from all fields of educational research, either within one of the 25 active networks of NERA or in symposia and attend one of the pre-conferences. The congress language is English. It is possible, however, to present in Scandinavian languages as well. 
Plats: Lillehammer, Norway
Sista datum för anmälan: November 1st 2013
Arrangör: NERA and Lillehammer University College