New participatory approach for collaboration in early childhood education and care

VALUE Roadmap is a new method for strengthening collaboration in early childhood education and care


The purpose of the new VALUE Roadmap is to inspire strong collaboration between assisting and core practitioners in Early childhood education and care (ECEC). The underlying idea is that better collaboration strengthens individual practitioners and teams in addressing all aspects of children’s well-being, development and learning needs - valuing diversity among children through valuing diversity among staff.

In order to strengthen collaboration between assisting and core practitioners, the VALUE Roadmap presents both a framework and ideas to develop pathways for continuous professional development, engaging both assisting and core practitioners, as well as leaders.

The content in the roadmap is inspired by the experiments developed, tested and evaluated in pilot projects in different ECEC settings in four countries (Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Slovenia).

Guidelines for facilitating a participatory approach

In the materials you will find inspiration on how to develop and implement:

  • a participatory approach;
  • reflection on and for practice;
  • the role of the facilitator;
  • involvement and support of ECEC leaders.

Throughout the preparation and implementation, the materials can act as a kind of compass for reflection on current and next steps in the work.

Get started with the VALUE Roadmap

Download the VALUE roadmap materials in English here and in Danish here.

Read more about the materials here.

If you have any questions about the VALUE roadmap, please contact Maria Marquard, NVL Coordinator in Denmark,

The materials are developed by the EU-project VALUE project with the help of ECEC centres in Belgium, Denmark, Portugal and Slovenia.