New pedagogic models

- for integration and inclusion of adults in work-life and civic society


Invitation to seminar

Within resent years the Nordic countries and welfare systems have experienced a dramatic rise in challenges concerning inclusion and integration. In order to develop sustainable solutions to these complex challenges there is at need for collaboration across the Nordic countries and -sectors. To meet the several different challenges The Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) has initiated Nordic development projects on inclusion, integration and innovative adult pedagogy. Simultaneously the Nordic countries have developed national initiatives to meet the local challenges.

Objectives of the seminar:

  1. To show, disseminate and discuss key learnings from new pedagogic models aimed at integration and inclusion of adults in work-life and civic society. The focus will be on which factors have shown positive effect on inclusion.
  2. To gather professionals within the field of integration and inclusion in civic society and the workplace. Allow these professionals to collaborate and inspire each other on how to make use of and further develop the findings from the projects.
  3. To create the foundation for future Nordic and national initiatives and projects

Date. 31.maj 2017


Time: 10.00-16.00

More about the seminar here: New Pedagogic.pdf (383,2 KB)


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