New pedagogical models for inclusion - Bergen

Invitation to seminar - Scandic Hotel Ørnen


Invitation to seminar

Date: 15. November, 2017
Time: 10.00-16.00
Place: Scandic Hotel Ørnen, Bergen, Norway


Within resent years the Nordic countries and welfare systems have experienced a dramatic rise in challenges concerning inclusion and integration. In order to develop sustainable solutions to these complex challenges there is a need for collaboration across the Nordic countries and -sectors. To meet the several different challenges The Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) has initiated Nordic development projects on inclusion, integration and innovative adult pedagogy. Simultaneously the Nordic countries have developed national initiatives to meet the local challenges.

Based on these initiatives NCM wishes to compile, unify and discuss experiences from different relevant Nordic and national projects concerning integration and inclusion of adults. At the seminar in Bergen the focus will be on how political and organizational structures and systems can support integration and inclusion.

More about the objectives of the seminar and the workshop in the attached invitation document.

The seminar is facilitated by
Maria Marquard, dansk koordinator for NVL / DPU/AU
Nina Tange, DPU/AU

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