Newcomers in Turkey


Newcomers in Turkey

Ben Adim Einar; Professionals’ Experience Integration in Turkey

(Grundtvig, 2005-2007)

has chosen a fresh and important approach: it challenges the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and expectations of the actors behind the migration adaptation programs and policies relative to people their target group.

Why best practice?

By selecting to target adult educators who work with immigrants, rather than immigrants themselves, the project impacts have been wide in all the partner countries.  The pedagogical choice to use first hand experiential learning has resulted in powerful learning effects and radically new understanding, both in regards meta-reflection of their own professional practice and the experiences of their target groups in learning and more generally in the process of cultural adaptation.

The quality of the products – a DVD/Film a book and the project website - is excellent. The products have received several awards, including the Grundtvig Award in 2008 and the Best Practice from EU Programmes Award in 2009 (Creativity and Innovation in Lifelong Learning), and special interest from the European Commission. The film dissemination and its success are impressive: it has been used by almost 650 European organizations, also in governmental organizations and universities, including two American Universities.

The project has resulted in sustainable outcomes. The products continue to rise interest with impressive results. For example, a city in the Netherlands has agreed to finance the program for the next five years.

Noureddine Erradi: "The real cooperation starts when the project is finished and the partners take responsibility to spread the results in their cities."

To learn more about the European cooperation experience from this project, see the whole interview with the promoter here

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