Nordic Matrix on implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and National Action Plans (NAPs) in the Nordic countries

This publication is a result of the exchange and learning process realised by Nordic Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) involved in the project “Civil society cooperation on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Nordic countries”, supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.


This report is based on a compilation of experiences and comparative analysis of the process related to NAPs, in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Norway has had the opportunity to reflect on these findings in the national debate about whether and how to adopt a NAP of its own.

The findings concerning the adoption and implementation of the National Action Plans and the relations between political decisionmakers, civil society and other stakeholders, are presented in the following pages, first in short national narratives and then condensed and compiled in a change to comparative Matrix chart.

Based on these findings, the Nordic CSOs have elaborated a series of recommendations that were found to be valid and pertinent for all the countries involved. They reflect challenges that are common to all the Nordic countries, and suggest solutions that are applicable in all their national contexts.

The report can be found here.