Nordic network for empowerment of immigrant women with low educational background / working experience

Published 2011
The focus of this report will be on women originating in non-Western countries from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America. Relevant education based on individual and labour market needs is considered to be the way for the successful integration into labour 
markets according to the Action Plan of the Commission of the European Communities. 
Labour market integration opens the way to full integration into the society. The Action Planfocuses on those who are in disadvantaged groups because of their low literacy levels and/or inadequate work skills. Usually these disadvantaged groups include migrants, older people, women or persons with disability (Commission of the European Communities Action plan on Adult Learning. “It is always good time to learn”, Brussels, 27.09.2007). Our report shifts the focus from the cultural barriers for successful integration to possibilities through relevant education and working opportunities. 

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