Nordic seminar on Basic skills


We are pleased to announce a one-day seminar in Copenhagen on November 17th2016. At the seminar, we will present new Nordic research on skills in literacy, numeracy and problem-solving based on the PIAAC - OECD Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competences (sometimes labelled ‘Adult PISA’), covering the population aged 16-65 years. We will also present new analyses, in which PIAAC data is compared to and combined with PISA data on 15-year olds.   

The seminar is particularly relevant for researchers interested in basic skills and lifelong learning and for professionals from the educational and labour market sectors. We aim at a balanced representation of these two groups. The conference is announced in Denmark, Finland, Island, Norway and Sweden.

The seminar is organized by researchers from the project “Skill Acquisition, Skill Loss and Age in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden” financed under the “Education for Tomorrow” initiative launched in 2012 by NordForsk, which has also financed the seminar. The researchers will present core results from their research (see the attached program).



Kindly submit the online registration form before October 24th 2016, if you want to participate in the conference. To ensure a fair distribution of participants between the involved Nordic countries there is a limited number of places for each country. Therefore, you will receive a final confirmation of your participation no later than October 26th. The maximum number of participants is approximately 100.

Follow this link for further information and registration »